Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Bug is Two!

Anyone who's looking for a sure-fire best second birthday party should plan a visit to my parents' farm. Granted they're her grandparents and all, but Mima and Boppie totally threw down the best party in the history of second birthdays, with the farm tour as an unbeatable event cornerstone.

After playing with my parents' cats (Snus, Napoleon, Coner) and dog Mac (re-christened "Max" by the Bug), we visited baby lambs with their mothers. Lizzie was a particularly tame one who had been raised on the bottle, and she came up to us to nose around for snacks and affection. The Bug even got to pet a couple of the smallest little bottle lambs. And in the barn with them, a bonus surprise: three tiny kittens about three weeks old, which we also got to pet. We saw a three-day-old calf (named Angus, or Brownie, or Clovis, or Mostly White, depending on who you ask), which I thought was tiny and the Bug thought was kinda big and scary. Boppie then let the Bug drive the big tractor, which she absolutely loved (though I thought she'd find it kinda big and scary). We visited with the horses (also scary) and got to pet some baby chickens along the way. It was all topped off with some serious playing in the biggest mud puddle of all time.

Happy Birthday, little Bug! Time, she flies.

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Georgia said...

That is awesome! Yet I even think that would be a cool party at 32 and not just at 2!! Give her a big birthday hug from Jeff & me!