Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lost in Long Island

Allow me to set the stage. Yesterday, 1pm, our team troops downstairs to hop our ride to our offsite in Long Island. The bus... has a stripper pole. And a disco ball. And strobe lights. I'm not sure we were their typical crowd.

As we get off the LIE, or whichever of the ubiquitous highways brought us to our destination, I remark how every location in Long Island looks exactly the same. Within a couple of minutes, we pull into Cablevision's corporate offices. Which I was at in June. En route to the hotel, I make the same observation. No joke - this place all looks the same. We pull into the hotel, which of course looks familiar, though I chalk it up to the Long Island Effect. It's not until we all go up the stairs to The Pub that I realize without a doubt that we are at the same hotel we stayed at for a friend's engagement party two or three years ago.

So I guess it's not that all of Long Island looks the same. It's apparently that I visit a very limited number of locations here.

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