Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Doing the limbo

I found blogging to be difficult while housewifing, but it had nothing on the challenge of blogging without a computer.  Apologies for the major delay!  Since my new computer arrived today, here's hoping I can keep up a more regular schedule.

So it looks like this whole moving thing is really happening!  The girls and I (along with Sirius and Buffy) have spent the past week at my parents' house.  We flew out last Wednesday and our stuff left on the moving truck on Friday.  Joker stayed behind to coordinate work on the condo before we rent it out, and barring any further delays he'll be joining us Saturday night.  I'm planning to pick up our cars tomorrow (with the valuable assistance of the parentals and my sister), and based on the last update, the movers will be delivering our belongings to the new house on Friday. 

Packing was an intense multi-week effort.  I labelled the boxes with as much detail on contents as possible, in the hopes that it makes the unpacking phase as smooth as possible.  I've had a week to basically hang out with the girls and my parents, but beginning tomorrow I'm back on my game.  It'll be a very busy July 4 weekend, but it's going to feel so great to be in our own house with Joker... can't wait!